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Clarify Your Message

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Don't Let Big Tech Companies & Part Time Agents Steal Your Deals Anymore

Finding out one of your clients completed a transaction without you can be a real punch in the gut. You know are the local expert and provide a better service than any tech company or part time agent can. It’s time to finally build a real brand, get more visible and become the go to agent in your market.

Build A Real Brand And Dominate Your Local Market With Our M.E.D.I.A. Marketing System

We will help you craft a unique and compelling message to your local market allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Our perfect video blueprint along with consistent video success coaching allows you to execute high quality, repeatable video content.

My team of social media rockstar’s consistently post your unique brand specific content we create across all your social media  channels for you.

We will create effective calls to action for your brand inviting your ideal clients to reach out to you. No more chasing crappy quality leads with bad phone numbers.

As your media buying partner we will craft a custom 3 step client acquisition funnel for your business. This will introduce new customers to your brand along with staying top of mind to your database and sphere of influence. 

  1. Awareness – Let People Know Who You Are
  2. Consideration – Why They Should Do Business With You
  3. Intent – Motivate Them To Book An Appointment
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We Are Not Just Expert Marketers. We Have Been Selling Real Estate Since 2005.

What To Expect

Step 1 - Let's Chat

This call is essential for us to guarantee we are aligned with the goals and vision you have for your company.

Step 2 - Choose Your Plan

If everything we talk about makes sense we will provide you with a customized M.E.D.I.A. plan to move forward with. *Prices range from $1,000 - $2,500/mo

Step 3 - Grow Your Business

Implementation of your new M.E.D.I.A. Marketing System will take roughly 5 business days to complete. From there we schedule our first coaching call and start building your dominate brand.

Stop Chasing $1 Facebook Leads And Instead Build A Brand That Has Your Ideal Clients Calling You

Every single day the best and most qualified real estate professionals are loosing deals to big tech companies and part time agents because they do not have a dominate brand in their local market. With our M.E.D.I.A. Marketing System we help you build that dominate brand so you never miss another deal.

As a real estate professional you understand that there is more competition in your market then ever before. You have big tech companies spending millions of dollars every month advertising directly to your clients telling them they don’t need you anymore. Even worse are the thousands of part time agents taking one or two of your deals off the table each year just because they happen to be a little better at social media then you. 

We understand that you may have tried to advertise in the past and it did not work out. We hear this all the time from new clients and it’s understandable. It’s very easy to watch a YouTube video on how to create the perfect Facebook ad. Then once you create the ad you get a bunch of leads that have no idea who you are or have no intention on buying or selling real estate. That’s not marketing that is spraying and praying. We know that you do not need another secret Facebook ad. What you need is a comprehensive system that clearly defines you as the local authority separating you from the competition not just another agent running some Facebook ads. That is exactly what our M.E.D.I.A Marketing System does for you. 

Now you might read that and think that ok that make sense but adding a whole new system to my business sounds like it’s going to take a lot of time and I am already super busy. That is typically the second question we get. How much time is all this going to take to actually implement? Well since we are a 100% done for you service our goal is to not give you another job but to give you the leverage you need with a team of expert marketers working around the clock on building your brand and authority in your local market. All we ask of you is 2 hours of your time every month and our team takes care of the rest.

But Nick I am not good on camera and that is main reason I have not really done any consistent marketing for my business. We hear this A LOT and it is a completely normal feeling to have. In fact 99% of people have that same feeling about being on camera. The fact is the people that you think are sooooo natural on camera typically have one big advantage over you. That advantage is time. They have been practicing for a long time and recorded hundreds of hours of themselves on camera to know exactly what they look like and that allowed them to get to a point of being comfortable on camera. Very few people ever just pick up and camera and become Rockstar’s out of the gate. With our system we accelerate your learning curve and get you comfortable on camera much faster because we have a proven video framework for you to follow and you never have to record a video alone. Our success coaches are on every call with you to make sure you feel comfortable and bring the best possible version of yourself to each video.

If you have read this far you might be thinking by now this all sounds great but it also sounds very expensive. Investing in your business can feel like a big expense if you focus on just the money you are investing. Our goal is to help you understand that we created our system not just to “make money” off real estate agents but because we see a massive shift if the real estate industry as we have known it for so long. We strongly believe that if you do not invest in our comprehensive M.E.D.I.A. Marketing System you will be left behind and continue to loose more and more deals. Our system is not cheap and it is not meant for everyone. However if you know you are great at what you do and want to amplify your brand to dominate your local market. Then you should book a call because that is exactly what we are great at doing.

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